Top Ten Things Laurens County is Becoming Famous For

 #10…Laurens County – where you can open any kind of business wherever you want, as long as it is not a purveyor of sexually explicit activities 


#9 …Rural Laurens County – A place where you are Free from the Nasty Z Word. In fact, you add more pigs to your front yard anytime you want, as long as you don’t charge people to observe any procreation activity.    


#8 …Laurens County – with one of the highest ratios of churches to people in the State.  


#7 … Ekom Beach – Proof you don’t have to drive 200 miles to see a beach.


#6 … Laurens County – Where our Top Law Enforcement Officer is also our Champion Wrestler every Christmas. Minnesota has nothing on us with their former Governor.


#5  …The City of Laurens – the Up-State’s Bedroom Community for Buzzards! 

Anyone with a longing desire to do some serious Buzzard Watching need only take a stroll down by the West Main Water Tower.


#4 … Laurens County – proof you don’t have to drive to Gaffney to see cars racing in the dirt.   


#3 …Laurens County – Where else can you can go to a strip club featuring mature women. Really mature women. You can see young women anywhere, Randy, but only at Elmo’s Crab Shack do you get the “Older Touch.”  Sorry, Didn’t mean to refer to “touch,” less I make inappropriate insinuations.   


#2 …Laurens County – Meth Lab to the World


# 1 …Laurens City – Training Ground for City of Clinton Department Heads