Escape thru Briars Sends Suspect to Hospital


A trip to the hospital was included for a woman arrested Saturday night after allegedly running through briars and/or other rough underbrush after leaving Wal-Mart with stolen merchandise. Laurens Police were dispatched at 7:45 pm on a report of a woman fleeing store security personnel. A store employee told police the woman had run down an embankment in front of the store. When she was located at the bottom of the hillside EMS was called to tend to her cuts and abrasions from the plant life encountered on her run down the embankment. She was then taken to the Hospital for further treatment. 39-year-old Nissa Ann Cooper of 512 old Grove Road, Piedmont, also known as Nisa Ann Hendrickson, was arrested on a Shoplifting charge and transferred to the Johnson Detention Center. Misc. items valued at $20 were recovered for the store.