Four-Car Wreck Monday Morning

  There was a rather spectacular wreck on the east side of Laurens around 9:40 yesterday morning. A report indicates that a green car described as Unit 4 was westbound, headed into Laurens when it struck the rear of a car that was stopped at the traffic light at the intersection with Exchange Drive and the 127 By-Pass. This vehicle, listed as unit 1, then was pushed forward and struck the rear of another vehicle stopped at the red light, called unit 2.

   The original vehicle, unit 4, after striking the first stopped car, then spun into the left turn lane and struck another vehicle, unit 3, that was waiting to turn left onto the 127 By-Pass. Unit 4 then jumped the median and landed in the east-bound lane of US 76.

   The report indicates there were injuries with units 4, 1 and 2. Unit 4 was extensively damaged.