Council Hears Complaints on a Bar

   During last night’s final Laurens City Council meeting of the year, Mayor Sharon Brownlee expressed her appreciation for the city’s Christmas decorations. She said “The city is beautiful especially in this, the most beautiful time of the year, and I am proud of how we appear to our residents and visitors.”

  Last night’s brief City Council meeting did have one item to discuss that did not promote pride in the city. Some people who live near the Watering Hole bar at 915 Church Street were at Council to complain of conditions there. There were allegations of marijuana use being detected, excessive noise through the night and unsanitary conditions such as men and women urinating in the parking lot.

  Neighbor Richard Sanders said “I know that they have to close their doors at two am, but then they all party outside behind the bar for the rest of the night.” Sharon Kennedy said “We have lived next to that bar for eighteen years, and have not experienced anything like we have in the past year or two.” Kennedy also said that she has her two small grandchildren stay with her on weekends and she can’t let them go outside, due all the beer bottles and cans that are constantly thrown in her yard. Cathy Holbert said “Our privacy fence was vandalized, the smell of pot is so strong we can’t even sit outside in nice weather, we are even afraid for our animals,”          

    The neighbors all testified that their complaints have been taken very seriously by the police, and praised Laurens police chief Sonny Ledda, for even coming to their homes to discuss the matter. Chief Ledda said “We are taking a pro-active stand and are fully cooperating with the neighbors. Our detectives are working on it, but it will take some time,” Ledda told council.

    After hearing the complaints, the mayor concluded that council will take direction from Chief Ledda on the matter.

    City Council then went into executive session to receive legal advice in reference to a contractual matter concerning design and construction of a special building project.