Over $70,000 in Losses Noted in Two Home Break-ins

   Items valued at over $40,000 were reportedly stolen from a Cross Hill home yesterday. Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Paterson was dispatched at 4:12 pm and spoke with a resident of Skipper’s Lodge Road about the break-in. She indicated that she returned home and noticed someone had taken the safe from her bedroom. On that discovery, she left the house until an officer arrived. $10,000 in cash, including valuable collector coins were in the safe, along with important papers and jewelry with a value of $30,000. A Smith and Wesson .38 caliber snub nose pistol was taken from a night stand beside her bed. Another fire arm, a TV and other valuables had not been taken. The theft reportedly occurred since 11 yesterday morning.


  Jewelry, firearms, computers, televisions and other items valued at $35,000 were reported stolen yesterday from a Laurens area home. A man who was stopping by to feed the dogs for the residents called in a report of finding a window broken from the back side of the Lakeview Road, Laurens home and a sliding glass door open. Deputy Jamison Taylor responded at 5:05 pm. The owner was contacted by phone and a family member arrived to assist in determining what was taken. A report notes that 3 lap-top computers, two televisions and other electronic items were taken. Jewelry missing was valued at $15,000. It was thought the break-in occurred sometime after 5:30 pm Christmas day. Lt. Danny Bolt was assigned to investigate both break-ins.