Sports Report Wednesday, January 1st 2014

On the local level, not a lot to talk about when it’s a holiday. I can tell you that the PC Lady Blue Hose are set to play Longwood at the Templeton center on the campus of Presbyterian college tomorrow at 7pm.
On the national scene bowl season hits its peak right now. Yesterday Arizona schooled Boston College 42-19 in the Advocare V100 bowl, UCLA ran over Virginia tech 42-12 with a reasonably priced asian import in the Hyundai sun bowl, Mississippi State lit up Rice like a brand new set of plug wires with a 44-7 victory in the Autozone Liberty Bowl, and Johnny football ate more chicken in the Georgia dome as Texas A&M defeated duke in a close 52 to 48 victory in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Now, Will Manziel declare for the draft or spend another year in College Station…the world awaits an answer.
Today is a monster day for armchair quarterbacks. Nebraska faces them Dawgs in the Gator Bowl at noon on ESPN 2, at the same time 12 or 13 people will be watching ESPNU as UNLV Dallas Bowl. Then the only game tomorrow that matters airs at 1pm on abc. no. 19 Wisconsin drops a load of cheddar in their britches as they face off against the no.9 team in the nation, the all mighty South Carolina Gamecocks. yes it’s on abc because not everyone has cable…but everyone will be watching this game, even all the Clemson fans in my family because when it’s bowl time, we put our differences aside a root on our in state teams. if you don’t feel that way then you’re not a true South Carolinian and you can pull that palmetto tree sticker off of your car and move to Delaware. Iowa and LSU show off their bloomin onions at 1pm in the Outback Bowl on ESPN.   Stanford and Michigan State square off in the little old lady from Pasadena Bowl at 5pm and UCF and Baylor make some salsa in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl at 8:30pm. nurse the hangover, microwave the quaso dip and join me in front of the tv all day.