Clinton Decorations & Parade Awards

   Awards were presented at the Clinton City Council meeting earlier this week for both the Christmas parade as well as the Spirit of Christmas Awards for holiday decorations.

  The 3rd Place award for the Parade goes to Beaverdam Baptist Church of Mountville, Thornwell Home for Children wins 2nd Place and the 1st Place  Parade award is claimed by Laurens County Gymnastics and Learning Center. The city department winner for this year’s Christmas Parade was the Clinton Department of Public Works.

   The Spirit of Christmas awards are presented to one household in each of Clinton’s six wards as well as one award for a business property judged best in displaying the Spirit of Christmas.  The winners were:

Ward 1                  Wayne Merchant – North Sloan Street

Ward 2                  Rosie Sturkey – South Bell Street

Ward 3                  Linda Williamson – Davis Street

Ward 4                  Elizabeth Bates – South Adair Street

Ward 5                  Calley Gault – Horseshoe Lane

Ward 6                  Michael Young – South Broad Street

Business Winner in the Spirit of Christmas competition for 2013 was Holdway Photography of 131 East Main Street.