Lottery Ticket Theft, Fraud

 The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday arrested a man in connection with the theft of lottery tickets last month from a Clinton Convenience store where he was employed at the time. 35-year-old Nathan Bruce Cloninger of 207 Sassafras Drive, Laurens was charged with Breach of Trust and with Nine Counts of Lottery Fraud.

  Deputy Jeremy McMahan states that Cloninger did knowingly and unlawfully take a roll of scratch-off lottery tickets from his place of work, Hickory Point, at 24595 Highway 76 East, Clinton on December 26th with intent to deprive the owner of its value.

  In nine warrants charging Lottery Fraud, Sheriff’s Lt. Jawarski Shelton alleges that on December 27th Nathan Cloninger attempted to defraud the South Carolina Education Lottery with Instant Jackpot tickets he knew to be stolen. A $100 ticket was allegedly cashed at Ingle’s on East Main in Laurens that date and another for $15. A $20 ticket was allegedly cashed at a Royal Food Store. Six more Instant Jackpot tickets valued at $10, $15 or $20 each were allegedly cashed on December 27th at the Corner Stop on Fleming Street in Laurens.    

   Bonds on each Lottery Fraud charge were set at $4,000, while a $2,000 bond was set on the Breach of Trust charge. With surety bonds totaling $38,000, Nathan Bruce Cloninger remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.