10.     No Zoning.  It’s a known fact that corporations are attracted to communities with absolutely no zoning……like Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia.  Wait…..well some corporations…….like pig farms.


9.       Beer.  Yes, beer.  If you were a beer can recycling company what better place to be than where the per capita consumption of beer is highest in the land…..and as a bonus, lots of people just chunk em out on the ground.


8.       Mayor Sharon Brownlee ain’t there.  You don’t have to worry with a meddlesome mayor telling you that you can’t trash the place.


7.       No competition.  There’s not a lot of industry in Joanna.  So, if you’re the only game in town you can pay what you want.  Nobody complains.


6.       Night life.  Executives like to party as much as anyone so when they’re selecting where to put a new factory they want to know about local entertainment.  Joanna has the Moose Lodge.  Nuff said.


5.       Unique.  These rich yuppie corporate types like things that are unique.  Joanna is unique.  Even has it’s own nickname………..The Wild Kingdom.


4.       Common Sense.  Now, it may be true that there are SOME folks in Joanna who are known to have very little sense of any kind…..there are also plenty of residents endowed with common sense.  That’s something sorely missing in the corporate world.  They need it.


3.       Conflict Resolution.   Corporate lawyers are so expensive.  In Joanna, conflicts are more frequently resolved with a good old fashioned country ass whoopin.


2.       Geography.  Of course there’s an interstate nearby but there’s also natural attractions…..Stomp Springs, Bush River and Elmo’s Crab Shack.


1.       No City Taxes!!!  No question No how No way.  No city taxes now or ever.  Not city services at all either but still…….NO CITY TAXES !!!