Remains Identified – Ms. Dorothy Madden



The mystery that has haunted a LaurensCounty family has now been resolved although not in a way they would have chosen.


On Monday afternoon Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols announced that remains discovered the day before in a wooded area off Stallion Drive near Princeton have been positively identified as 75 year old Ms. Dorothy Madden. 


The body was discovered in a densely wooded area just off Stallion Drive not far from Ms. Madden’s home on Pony Trail.  Ms. Madden had been missing since July 14, 2013.


“The cause of death will be listed as undetermined” said Nichols.  He said there was no indication of foul play but the passage of time made the precise determination of a cause of death impossible to discover.


Hundreds of people from Laurens and surrounding counties searched those same woods near Ms. Madden’s home in the days and weeks following her disappearance but not until someone happened upon a purse (which turned out to belong to Ms. Madden) was there a clue as to where she might be. 


Another search was launched on Sunday, one day after the discovery of that purse, concentrating on the area where it was found.  This time it did not take long.


Coroner Nichols told WLBG that “maybe, hopefully this family can now have a sense of closure”.  He said he was sure this was not the answer they wanted but at least it was an answer.