Redacted Story on Intoxicated Woman

   Laurens Police Sgt. Joey Pittman responded to Fleming Street Extension at 3:30 yesterday morning where a woman advised the officer that another woman of the address was heavily intoxicated again and was destroying the residence. Sgt. Pittman reported he made contact with the heavily intoxicated woman, who was sitting on the couch. When the officer asked the woman was her problem was, she reportedly replied “this %#@!ing  B*@#% is selling pills and I want her locked up.” She was advised such language would not be tolerated. The woman reportedly continued, using more profanity toward the other woman. The intoxicated woman was then arrested on a Breach of Peace charge and taken to the Johnson Detention Center, even though she reportedly told Sgt. Pittman “I aint going to #$%@ing jail!” She was released from detention later yesterday on a $470 personal recognizance bond.