Joanna Man Charged with Kidnapping and Domestic Violence

   A Joanna man was arrested yesterday in connection with an alleged abduction and assault and of his former live-in girlfriend. The Sheriff’s Office booked 25-year-old Jeffrey Allen Arrowood of 105 Tillman Circle, Joanna, who’s also known as “Jeffrow.”   Arrowood was charged with Kidnapping and Criminal Domestic Violence. In two warrants, Deputy Yarbrough alleges that January 31st Arrowood unlawfully seized or abducted a victim from a location on Tillman Circle without authority, and that he did knowingly and willfully cause injury to a member of his household, the act being aggravated in the fact that he threatened her with a stick and struck her with his fist at 110 Tillman Circle, Joanna. Two Surety bonds of $10,000 were set during arraignment. Jeffrey Arrowood remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.