More Homes of Hope Coming to Clinton

    There goes the neighborhood.  But that’s not always a bad thing.

   A piece of property near the intersection of North Broad and Elizabeth Streets is now to be purchased by the City of Clinton.  The condemned structure on the property will then be demolished at the city’s expense.

   And then what with Clinton do with the property?  They’re going to give it away. Give it to the Homes of Hope to be precise, for the purpose of constructing three more homes in their program.  Four homes have already been completed since the city partnered with Homes of Hope last year.  The city’s expenses with the purchase will count toward matching funds for a federal grant to construct additional affordable housing.

   Don Oglesby, President and CEO of Homes of Hope, explained to Council that to him affordable housing refers to more than the purchase price.  He told Council these homes were very energy-efficient.  Utility bills should not exceed $100 monthly he said.

 Council unanimously approved the plan submitted by City Manager Frank Stovall to purchase the property and remove the existing structure before turning the land over to Homes of Hope.