No Arrest Needed

   Laurens Police were dispatched to a Sullivan Street location at 1:21 this morning on a report of a man pulling a gun on a woman. The woman said she had come to the man’s house to deliver some money owned to him by one of their mutual friends. She stated that since she did not have all the money the man struck her in the side of the face. Officers did not observe any injury. The woman said the man then threw her out of the house. She noted she stays with the man occasionally but does not reside there. Officers located the man inside the house and placed him in investigative detention while they sorted out the situation. The man said that the woman had been to his house earlier and caused problems. When she came back he said he reached into her pocket as if she was going for a knife which she is known to carry, so he pushed her out the door. Questioned about a gun, the man said he had two firearms in the house that were in the bedroom. Meanwhile, a witness reported observing the two arguing but did not see a gun being pulled. Given the nature of the altercation and that it occurred in the man’s house, officers saw no probable cause to arrest him.