Meth Manufacture Charges on 3 Pickup Truck Occupants

   Charges were served yesterday on a man and two women who were arrested in Wattsville Wednesday afternoon in a truck in which a trash bag was allegedly found that contained what reportedly appeared to be a mobile meth lab.

   Deputies stopped the truck in Wattsville during a search for 37-year-old Robin Darr Epting Jr. of 255 East Main, Laurens, who was wanted by Greenwood County. They issued Laurens County charges yesterday of Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Illegal Disposal of Meth waste. Lt. Jawarski Shelton states that Robin Darr Epting Jr. manufactured methamphetamine at 24 Sirrene Street Wednesday, and that it was his 3rd or subsequent offense. Epting’s bonds on the two charges totaled $55,000.

   Two women in the truck were also charged with Methamphetamine Manufacture and Illegal Disposal of Meth Waste. Lt Shelton states that 43-year-old Patricia Diane “Redd” “Cissy” Ware of 110 Daniel Road, Hodges manufactured methamphetamine Wednesday at 24 Sirrene Street and that she has prior convictions for this offense. Her bonds on the two charges totaled $35,000. Lt. Shelton alleges that 48-year-old Freda Huckabee Owings of 155 Cross Ridge Drive, Enoree also manufactured meth Wednesday  at 24 Sirrene Street and illegally disposed of waste. Bonds on her two counts totaled $25,000.

   All three remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning. Robin Darr Epting Jr. is also facing a trip to Greenwood for charges there.