Top Ten Things I Am Prone to Ponder


                On a rainy day with nothing much going on, these are things of which I wonder as my mind tends to wander

 #10…How many people can successfully ride on one moped?

 #9 … How many people can ride in one Bus in Mexico City?

 #8 … How many Buzzards can crowd on top of the Laurens West Main Water tower at one time?

 #7 … If a mobile Meth lab crashes into the woods, can you charge somebody with Illegal Disposal of Meth Waste. After all, it was an accident, Randy, Meth-Heads don’t wreck on purpose.

 #6 … How to you dispose of meth waste legally?

 #5  …If a meth lab blows up and there is no one around, does it make a sound?

 #4 … Should Dentists report their suspicion of meth-related dental problems to the police? What about the santity of Doctor-Client privilege. I don’t think this has yet been settled by the courts, and inquiring minds wan to know.  

#3 … Why do they always put the horses n the back of the Christmas Parade?

 #2 … How do the neck tie factories stay in business? The few people who still wear ties all have hundreds

 # 1 … Why is it…can anyone tell me please… why do cows in pastures around Gray Court sleep with one eye open.