Top Ten Other Religious Reasons to Deny Service in Arizona Stores

 #10…Corn Farmers. Randy, the Bible prohibits men from dropping their seed upon the soil. I’m sure this covers all corn farmers.

.  #9 … Anybody asking to buy on credit are to be run out of the store. The scripture says “Neither a borrower nor a lender, be…”  In fact, I think Arizona needs to shut down any bank that lends money. 

 #8 … Blasphemers….you know, people who speak irreverently of God. I’m thinking a store owner will hear these folks coming before they hit the front door. 

 #7 … Jealous folks…..most shop owners can spot envy when it walks in the door. 

 #6 … Witches. Randy, no matter how beautiful a woman may be; it she has a pointy black hat and a broom, she does not get served.

 #5  …People who participate in Lotteries should be denied service. I can’t cite the specific scripture, but in your heart, you know its wrong, Randy. Wrong. It’s wrong I tell you!

 #4 … People who get real drunk. It’s usually easy to spot these folks. 

 #3 … People who have “Fits of Rage.”  Randy, I’m glad I’m signed up for Anger Management Class.

 #2 … People who call a radio station at the end of a talk show, when it’s too late to take the call. Phone calls made too late are in the Bible, right next to the verse about Cleanliness being next to Godliness.

 # 1 …People who create discord. The Bible clearly speaks against this. This, Randy will eliminate many of our politicians and most radio talk show hosts.