3 Arrested in Clinton Meth Lab Bust

On tuesday at 5:45PM Clinton Department of Public Safety Officers received a report that there was an active meth lab at 503 Academy Street in Clinton. The Department responded and Officer Metz and Sgt. Ritter approached the front of the residence while Commander Roberts and Officer Templeton approached from the rear. The responding officer knocked on the front door and announced himself as Clinton Police. A female later identified as Angelia Richardson opened the door. The officer asked permission to enter and speak with the subjects. Richardson told him to come in. The responding officer and Sgt. Ritter entered and could immediately smell a strong chemical odor. They noted another female subject sitting on a couch and a male subject in the kitchen holding a trash can. Due to the hazardous nature of the situation the officers asked everyone to come outside. Once outside, officers noticed the male’s mouth to be bleeding. He replied that he had gotten lye in his mouth. Officers informed all parties about the complaint and asked consent to search the house and received consent from all parties. All suspects were searched and nothing was found on the male. One female was searched with nothing found and another female was searched and found to have a crack pipe in her purse. Both female suspects stated there was nothing inside the house. The male stated there was a bottle he was cooking meth in inside the back closet. The male suspect’s mouth was noticed to be bleeding worse and ems was called to transport him to the hospital. Sgt. Prather was called in to help make the scene safe and found items inside the house used in the manufacture of methamphetamines. A SLED cleanup crew was called in. A warrant is pending for Richard Morris Spoone, age 54 of 1135 Elmore Rd. Laurens after his release from the hospital.

45 year old Angelia Marie Richardson or 261 Forest rd. Clinton and 24 year old Amanda Nicole Gambrell of 261 Forest rd. Clinton were booked into the Johnson Detention Center wednesday by the Clinton Department of Public Safety. Separate warrants both state that each woman along with two co-defendants were in the process of manufacturing meth and did have in their possession items used in the manufacture of meth such as lye, lithium batteries, sulfuric acid, pseudoephedrine, ammonia pellets from cold packs, tubing, coffee filters, and used gas generators. Angelia Richardson is being held on a $20k bond and Amanda Gambrell is being held on a  $20k bond and $620 for possession of drug paraphanalia.