Stealin’ and Runnin’ to Joanna

Wednesday, Deputy Mcmahan responded to a call from the Dollar General on hwy 76 east in Clinton. The complaintant said she was the only cashier working at the time when it was brought to her attention by other shoppers that that someone was loading items into a pickup truck. The compaintant was unable to get a description of the subjects but did get an accurate tag number. It appeared the suspects took lawn chairs and cases of pepsi drinks. The deputy proceeded to find the truck with matching tag numbers at the Dollar General in Joanna. Two women were in the truck.  He saw chairs matching those stolen from the store as well as cases of pepsi inside the bed of the truck as well as more pepsi and other merchandise in the window. The women said they got the items from a friend but wouldn’t say who and neither wanted to show their id to the deputy. He noticed a strong smell of alcohol and put the younger woman in investigative detention. The older woman then jumped back in the truck and drove off, refusing to stop and saying she didn’t do anything. Deputy McMahan followed the truck to the registered address of the tag and found the woman pouring out liquid from a glass and trying to hide the stolen items behind a garage. After resistance the woman was placed under arrest. The deputy found the stolen chairs and pepsi as well as other items taken from dollar general and an almost empty seagrams gin bottle in plain sight under the seat of the truck. This mother and daughter duo, 57 year old Shirley Bacon and her 32 year old daughter Cassie Ruff, both of 205 Whitmire Highway, Joanna were ticketed and booked into the Johnson Detention Center, both charged with shoplifiting under $2000,  Ruff for public intoxication and Bacon with open container. A resisting arrest warrant is pending for Shirley Bacon.

The stolen items were returned to Dollar General.