Clinton City Council Goes to the Dogs…

Clinton City Council went to the dogs on Monday evening……at least temporarily.

Brooke Spatta (SPAH-DUH) who serves on the board of the Laurens County Humane Society came before the council to brief them on the activities of the Humane Society and to request assistance.

She highlighted their successful and ongoing low cost spay and neuter program which assists Laurens County residents in having their dogs and cats ‘fixed’ at greatly reduced prices.  She pointed out that if all pets were spayed or neutered we would not have the huge problem with unwanted or abandoned animals that the county unfortunately does have.

She then requested assistance from council in the construction and operation of a shelter for dogs and cats.  “This isn’t just our problem” she said “It’s everyone’s problem.”  Stray dogs roam neighborhoods getting into mischief as they forage for food.  Laurens County Animal Control does maintain a shelter for dogs, she said, but they are becoming overwhelmed.  There is no shelter for cats in LaurensCounty.

She told council that the Humane Society’s board was re-energized toward constructing a shelter for both dogs and cats in the very near future and asked council to please consider this project and join with the city of Laurens and LaurensCounty in assisting with the project.

After some discussion, recently elected council member Norman Scarborough was assigned to contact LaurensCounty and the city of Laurens and to coordinate the city of Clinton’s efforts with the other local governments.