Man Flees Truck, Marijuana Left Behind

    Laurens Police Lt. Dwight Craft was dispatched to Washington Street at 9:16 last night in reference to a suspicious vehicle parked at the dead-end of that street. A woman reported observing a “brownish” truck go past her residence toward the dead-end and cut off its lights. Lt. Craft reported a  “brownish” Ford truck was leaving the area and he initiated a traffic stop in an unmarked unit. The truck drove past him and continued on Washington Street around a curve. When he turned and followed, he located the truck stopped in the middle of the roadway with the driver’s door open and the vehicle still running. A Laurens woman was then spotted in the passenger side of the truck. She reportedly indicated she didn’t know the driver, and stayed in the truck when he fled because she had not done anything wrong. She claimed the baggie of marijuana found in the truck was not hers. She was not charged at the time, pending fingerprint analysis on the marijuana bag. 29 grams of marijuana was seized at the location, along with a cell phone. The officer received phone calls on the phone, leading to information on a possible suspect identity.