Multiple Burglary & Larceny Charges

    A Laurens area resident is facing multiple charges from the Sheriff’s Office and Clinton Public Safety, following his arrest yesterday by deputies. 20-year-old William Brandon Deyton of 5228 South Highway 221, Laurens was charged with 5 counts of Third Degree Burglary, along with two Grand Larceny and one Petit Larceny charge in warrants from the Sheriff’s Office.

   In five charges of Third Degree Burglary, Lt. Shelton states that on February 16th William Brandon Deyton broke into five units of a builing at 23,705 Highway 76 East, Clinton. A Grand Larceny charge alleges he took items valued at more than $10,000 from one of those units, while a Petit Larceny warrant alleges he took items of less value from another of the units.

   Deputy Michael Crockett states that on February 21st William Brandon Deyton took away items valued at $10,000 or more without consent from an address on Randall Drive, Clinton.  

   Meanwhile, Clinton Public Safety has charged Deyton with 1st Degree Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit Burglary, accused of entering a Locust Street residence in the night-time between February 6th and 8th and of stealing several guns, thereby becoming armed during the home intrusion. He is also accused of conspiring with another man during that time frame to break into the Locust Street residence.

   William Brandon Deyton was being held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center, pending arraignment on the various charges.