Woman Charged with Assaulting Boyfriend

    Laurens Police were dispatched to Laurens Glenn Apartments at 12:33 yesterday afternoon on a report of an assault. Officer James Nolen was told that a man had walked into the office and asked for EMS to be called. The officer spoke with the man, who said he and his girlfriend had been arguing all day. He alleged that she began punching him, and he tried to get out-of-the-way. He reportedly tripped at one point in leaving the apartment. He reportedly said he felt a knife in his right side after getting off the floor to leave, and pulled out a knife. He pointed to a knife on the floor. The officer noted a laceration to the man’s hip. The girlfriend was waved down as she was reportedly leaving the apartment in a red car. She was reportedly vague about her recollection of the event, but told of her being pulled through the hallway. Both the girlfriend and the man said they didn’t want to press charges. Based on evidence at the scene, Officer Nolen arrested the girlfriend, 23-year-old Takara Saque Anderson also known as “Kara” Anderson, of Apartment F-5 at 900 Church Street. Officer Nolen issued a ticket charging her with Criminal Domestic Violence. She was placed in the Johnson Detention Center, where she remained overnight, pending arraignment today.