Need another Permit?

    Laurens County Sheriff’s Lt. Christopher Martin was on duty at 9:28 yesterday morning when he was notified that a subject was attempting to get a nonferrous metals permit. This person had reportedly been arrested last July 30th on charges of Larceny of nonferrous metals, and was sent at letter August 2nd that his permit to transport such materials was suspended, because of the arrest. Yesterday, he reportedly came to the Sheriff’s Office with his wife attempting to get a permit in her name. A report states that the vehicle being driven by the subject was the one the nonferrous metals were in. 45-year-old Tommy Lee Gaffney of 171 Cathy’s Drive, Clinton was then arrested. He was served with a warrant for Unlawful Possession and/or transport of nonferrous metals.

Gaffney was released from the Johnson Detention Center later yesterday on a $470 personal recognizance bond.