Bonds Total $185,000 on Six Drug Charges

   A Laurens area man arrested Thursday with charges pending has now been served with six warrants citing drug violations. 42-year-old James Otis Hunter of 164 Dragon Trail, Laurens was charged with two counts of Drug Manufacture 3rd or Subsequent offense and with one Possession with Intent to Distribute. He is also facing three charges of these violations being within a half mile of the Laurens County Park.

   Narcotics Office Matt Veal states that James Otis Hunter manufactured crack cocaine on March 4th and on March 13th and that he has prior convictions for this offense. Veal also alleges that on March 13th James Otis Hunter possessed marijuana with intent to distribute. Additional warrants allege that these offenses occurred without a half mile of a park, school, or playground.

   $35,000 bonds were set on the Manufacture of Possession with Intent to Sale charges and $25,000 bonds were set on the Proximity charges. James Otis Hunter remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with surety bonds totaling $185,000.