Burglary, Grand Larceny, Domestic Assault

   The Sheriff’s office arrested a Green Pond area man yesterday in connection with a burglary and theft earlier this month and an alleged domestic assault late February.

   36-year-old Travis Hewlette Mahon of 17605 Highway 101 South, Gray Court was charged with Burglary 2nd Degree, Grand Larceny and 3rd Degree Assault. He is accused of a domestic assault March 7th when he allegedly grabbed the victim by her arm, causing bruising. Other warrants state that on February 28th entered a dwelling near his home on Highway 101 without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein, and that he took away copper valued at $6,000 from the location.

   Surety bonds on the three charges were set totaling $18,680. Travis Mahon remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.