Domestic Violence, Trespass, Malicious Damage

   Laurens City Police and the Sheriff’s office both charged a man with events in and out of the city last week. 50-year-old Gerald Dale “Jerry” Smith of 122 Bates Street, Laurens was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence for allegedly causing physical harm to a victim and creating fear for her safety last Thursday. He’s charged with Unlawful Use of a phone for a phone call Thursday that allegedly included obscene, vulgar or indecent language toward the victim. He was charged with allegedly Trespassing at Hanson Circle last Thursday from a warrant and a 2nd Trespass charge is noted in a ticket issued at 12:50 Saturday morning from Hanson Circle. Smith was also charged with Malicious Damage for allegedly using a pole to strike handicapped rails at a Hanson Circle address on Saturday. Gerald Dale “Jerry” Smith remained in the Johnson Detention Center earlier today with surety bonds totaling $4,600.