Crimes Come in Twos – Twice

    Deputy Kenneth Sibley was dispatched to Wells Road in the Owings area at 7:35 yesterday morning on a report of a theft from a construction site. He was advised that sometime since 8:30 Sunday evening someone had removed several batteries from three separate grading machines that had been left on the site and nearby. The stolen batteries were estimated to be worth $1,410. Damage to the equipment in taking the batteries was estimated at $2,500. The equipment belongs to a Newberry business.

   While investigating the theft on Wells Road Deputy Sibley was made aware of an earlier theft from another nearby construction site. Another Newberry contractor reported that between March 9th and 10th someone had taken a bundle of plastic pipes his company is installing around the Owings Industrial Park. The bundle of some 520 feet of 6-inch plastic pipe was valued at $2,500.  


  In another case involving two nearby crime scenes, the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched at 8:57 yesterday morning to an unoccupied residence on Brown Road, southeast of Laurens. A side door was discovered forced open when a brother of the owner visited yesterday morning. A crow bar had been used to force open a lock. Items in the house had been piled onto the floor,

   Deputy Jeremy McMahan learned that another, nearby unoccupied residence had also been broken into. A back door was broken into at this house and someone had rambled through the house.