Drugs & Firearms Charges Served Yesterday

   We reported yesterday on Laurens Police serving 25-year-old Wilvunchie Pomyea Hill of 11-A Bub Avenue, Laurens with Bench Warrants, citing convictions on charges in Laurens Municipal court. Hill has now been charged with multiple new charges alleging  firearms and drug violations in connection with his arrest.

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to Laurens Terrace at 7:02 Tuesday evening about a man being there in violation of a Trespass notice. Hill, however, was not that man noted in that report. Lt. David Brewer went to the front door of an apartment in the 600 building and Officer Jody Thibodeau went to the back door. He observed three men coming out of the back door. One man stopped for Officer Thibodeau while two others continued walking. He advised them he needed to see their identification then they could be on the way. One of the men, Wilunchie Hill, reportedly came toward the officer and presented his Library card. Thibodeau asked for a Driver’s License or other state-issued identification, advising Hill he was not under arrest. Hill allegedly threw a set of digital scales to the ground and ran. The officer followed as Hill reportedly fled to a fence on the perimeter of the complex, then jumped at the chain-link fence, hitting it sideways, then pushing himself off the fence and onto Officer Thibodeau. Both went to the ground and the officer advised Hill he was under arrest. He struggled attempting to place handcuffs on the subject. Lt. Brewer arrived and assisted in putting the man into custody. Lt. Brewer reported finding a small bag on the ground whether    Hill and Thibodeau had struggled that contained  approximately 5 grams of a white powder believed to be cocaine base. During a weapon’s search on the subject Officer Thibodeau reportedly found a plastic bag with 14.1 grams of marijuana and a loaded handgun in the subject’s back pocket.  Lt. Brewer  allegedly located a Taurus handgun on the ground some 15 feet from the fence. The cocaine, marijuana and firearms were confiscated, along with a cell phone. Officers reportedly received a text message on the phone allegedly asking if he had a good dime to sell. A search warrant was being sought to check the phone for other messages.

    25-year-old Wilvunchie Pomyea Hill of 11-A Bub Avenue, Laurens, also known as “Punk,” has been charged by Laurens Police with Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon, Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance, Simple Possession of Marijuana and with Loitering. Laurens Police reported taking into evidence an electronic scale, 14.09 grams of marijuana and around 5 grams of cocaine base and a Taurus .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol with ammunition.