New Concrete Airport Runway & Taxi-Way Receive Award

    The American Concrete Pavement Association has presented the Laurens County Airport Commission with its ‘Excellence in Concrete Pavement’ award. The news at this week’s Laurens County Council meeting notes the award recognizes quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada, and its award program encourages high quality workmanship in concrete pavements projects and serves as a way to share information about challenging and highly successful projects.

     The Laurens County runway improvement project was bid in June of 2012, and before the start of construction, the pavement association and Ballenger Paving approached both the Laurens County Airport Commission and its engineer about the project to propose using concrete on the apron and taxiway to replace the asphalt add alternative that was part of the bid documents for additional construction.

     Many other challenges and changes were made, such as the modification of standards between the Federal Aviation Association and The South Carolina Department of Transportation. The improvements included paving overruns which gives 4,000 feet available for landing and take-off, potentially opening the airport for expanded corporate use.

     The modified standards allowed the use of a concrete mixture designed with locally available materials. On the award Tuesday evening, County Council Chair Jim Coleman said   “It is good to see our local contractors receive recognition.”


    An award for a volunteer County Official was also recognized by County Council this week. Council acknowledged the recent announcement that Laurens County Registrations and Elections Board Chairman William Adair was named the ‘Outstanding Election Board Member of the Year’ for all of South Carolina. Adair received the award at a recent state-wide elections meeting.