Arrest in Multiple Forged Check Cashing

     A 911 call dispatched Laurens City Police to the Palmetto Bank on the square at 11:55 yesterday morning. The branch manager advised Officer Polson of a man coming in and presenting a check made out to him for $2,465.25. The teller had obtained the man’s identification, showing a Kentucky address. Noticing the Palmetto Bank name was misspelled on the check, the teller had advised the man who a hold would be placed on a check that size. Officer Polson issued a BOLO for the description of the man. Deputy Brewington reportedly heard that and observed a man matching the description nearby, walking near the railroad tracks. The deputy took the subject into custody and placed him in the Johnson Detention Center. 23-year-old Michael Orville Hosey of Paducah, Kentucky was being held for forgery charges from Laurens Police. He reportedly told of being homeless since returning to Kentucky from military service, and of staying in a homeless facility in Columbia. He told of being approached by four men in Columbia to make money, and of being delivered to locations with these checks. He had allegedly passed a check earlier at First Citizens bank. $407 cash was seized as evidence. Police also have two forged checks on Laurens County Water and Sewer Commmission totaling just under $4,000. Laurens Police officers were getting information on these subjects for further investigation. One midlands man is now wanted in connection with this case.