Suspects Identified in Illegal Dump

     Laurens City work crews conducted a major cleanup in the Sumter Street area this week, cleaning up what can only be described as an improvised, unauthorized garbage dump. A load of large debris and twenty-six large garbage bags were collected and hauled away for proper disposal. But not before the trash was inspected closely, looking for clues. And, we’re told, they found clues. Checking the illegally-disposed garbage, Officers found several pieces of mail identifying possible suspects in the dumping.   Some of the addresses were on Sumter Street but others ranged from Exchange Drive, Bronco Drive, Fleming Mill Road and elsewhere. All of the addresses are now in the possession of law enforcement officers. Sumter Street now looks much better that it did with the illegal garbage dump, but the possibility of incarceration makes the future of some garbage dumpers look less pleasant. Laurens Police say they’re taking this crime seriously.