Arrest Alleges Multiple Crimes in January, March & April

    The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday served multiple charges on a Greenwood man ranging from various violations connected with a police chase on Sunday and other charges from a domestic case March 31st and burglary and thefts alleged on January 7th. 21-year-old Hunter Dean Shook was booked with an address at 153 Valley Road, Greenwood. Warrants from January and March note an address on Ballentine Lake Road, Ware Shoals.

  Charges from this past Sunday include Failure to Stop for Blue Light, Disregarding a Stop Sign, No SC Driver’s License and Reckless Driving. Deputy Charles Nations states that on April 6th Hunter Shook failed to stop the motor vehicle he was driving when signaled to do so my means of siren and/or flashing lights of a law enforcement vehicle. Deputy Nations further alleges that Mr. Shook knowingly and willingly disregarding a stop sign at the intersection of Ballentine Lake Road and Maddox Bridge Road and that he drove a motor vehicle in a manner showing a willful or wanton disrespect for the persons or property. Deputy Nations further charges Hunter Shook with operating a motor vehicle on April 6th without South Carolina driver’s license.

  Three charges stem from alleged actions on March 31st from which Mr. Shook is charged with Criminal Domestic Violence, Malicious Damage and Petit Larceny. These warrants cite an investigation by Deputy Nations as indicating that the defendant attempted to cause physical harm and had the apparent present ability to cause physical harm or injury under circumstances that reasonably created fear of imminent peril to the victim. Further, Shook allegedly did $500 in damage to the same victim’s property by kicking in a door and breaking the door frame and that he took that victim’s car keys and cell phone with intent to deprive her of their use.

   In a case from January 7th of 2014 Hunter Dean Shook is charged with 2nd Degree Burglary and Grand Larceny. Lt. Ben Blackmon alleges that Hunter Shook entered a dwelling in the 18,000 address range of Poplar Springs Church Road, Ware Shoals on that date with intent to commit a crime therein, and that he took away cash, jewelry and other items valued at more than $10,000.

   Hunter Dean Shook was being held in the Johnson Detention Center with arraignment today.