Clinton Council Moves Forward on Martha Dendy Plans

    Martha Dendy School will soon officially belong to the City of Clinton. At last night’s meeting of Clinton City Council, City Manager Frank Stovall asked council to approve a resolution allowing the city to acquire 4.51 acres of property on North Bell Street……the Martha Dendy School property.  The city will purchase the property from Laurens County School District 56 for $10.

   Stovall explained to Mayor Bob McLean and the members of council that the city has received a Community Development Block Grant which will allow the city to begin the creation of park and a community center on the property.

  He reminded council that a portion of the building at Martha Dendy has been deemed beyond repair.  The grant received is earmarked to pay for the demolition of that portion.  The fiscal year 2015 includes funds to begin the process of planning renovations for the remainder of the building for a community center. Estimated demolition costs are approximately $500,000 all of which will be funded by the block grant.

  City Council voted unanimously to proceed with the project.  Mr. Stovall advised that city staff will proceed immediately with closing to purchase the property.