Rifle Seized Following Concerns

    Laurens County Sheriff’s Lt. Jawarski Shelton responded to a Gray Court residence at 10:14 Sunday night on a report of a woman having been seen walking around in her house with a gun, for no apparent reason. The officer went to the rear door of the house due to an aggressive dog at the front door. He spoke with a man who had reported the matter, and indicated that she had shot the weapon the weapon on a previous day because she thought someone was messing with her dog. Lt. Shelton learned the woman was in he room, and noted very loud music being played inside. The door opened when he knocked, and he entered and turned down the extremely loud music. He also secured a rifle found in the room with the woman. The woman reportedly awoke and reportedly became defensive with the officer. She told of firing a shot the previous day because someone was messing with her dog and put it under her house. She reportedly said it had been going on all weekend. Before Lt. Shelton could finish talking with the woman, she fell asleep again. He informed others at the house that the firearm was going to be placed into evidence at that time.