Dangerous Building Coming Down!

   Demolition on a dilapidated and dangerous building just off the Laurens square is finally about to begin. The City received assistance from the County a few months back in funding the expected expense, then bids came in above what they were projected to be, due to additional expenses from DHEC mandates for the demolition.

   Yesterday, Laurens Mayor Sharon Brownlee announced that the process of tearing down the building is about to begin. She announced Laurens has accepted a bid from Carolina Wrecking Company of Columbia for $68,000 to bring down the dilapidated building at 133 East Main Street. Brownlee said there will be an additional $7,000 to $10,000 spent as required by DHEC for air monitoring during demolition. She expects demolition to begin sometime in late May.

   Her reaction to the news? “All I can say is, “finally!!!”  We can finish this very long agonizing legal effort to get this building brought down to remedy this safety hazard that has plagued the city for many years.   I am amazed at the difficult work, long hours, diligence, and patience that has taken us through this journey.  I truly appreciate all the efforts of our City Attorney, City Administrator, Director of Building and Zoning, City Council, and many others that helped along the way.” The mayor added “A special appreciation to the Laurens County Council for agreeing to help split the cost and we truly appreciate our citizens for recognizing the magnitude of bringing this building down safely.”