Honors Day at PC Today

    Presbyterian College will recognize student research today during their annual Honors Day Symposium. The students making presentations range from freshmen with exceptional papers to seniors making their honors research or capstone presentations, the culminations of four years of intense academic labor.

   Dr. Robert Freymeyer chair of PC’s Sociology Department, began the Honors Day Symposium 12 years ago in an effort to recognize the quality research on campus. He noted the PC student body is doing excellent work across disciplines. He wants to make sure people know that PC’s tradition of excellent academic performance existed long  before the Honors Day Symposium began, saying “We’re not creating something new. We’re honoring what we’re doing everyday.”

   Today’s event marks the second year the School of Pharmacy is participating in the Honors Day Symposium. Dr. Freymeyer says the school is making a strong effort to integrate the pharmacy program into the celebration.

   The research presentations are being made at various locations from 8:45 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon, followed by Honors Convocation at 4:15 in Belk Auditorium.