You Can’t Take it Back!

 Laurens Police received a report last evening that people were observed loading items from the donation box at the Hospice Thrift store into a large black car. A witness from a motel across Bolt Street reported the subjects were putting items into the back seat and the trunk, and that so many items were placed in the trunk they couldn’t get it to close. Sgt. Joey Pittman was patrolling the South Harper area at 7:02 last evening and observed a vehicle matching the description, with the trunk unable to close. He observed the car turn onto Green Street and pull in at the Mini-Mart. The man went inside and Sgt. Pittman spoke with the woman who remained in the car. When questioned about the items taken from the Thrift store, the woman reportedly confirmed that they had taken the items. But she said that they had left the items there the previous night, but she wished to have them back. Sgt. Pittman explained that once you give something to the thrift store, it no longer belongs to you, so you can’t take it back. The woman said she didn’t realize that. When the man came out of the store, he too confirmed that they had taken the items from the thrift store, and was told that you can’t take something back once you’ve given it. All the merchandise that had over-loaded the car was then taken into evidence, to be returned to the store. Since they had been forthcoming regarding the theft, the 52-year-old man and 43-year-old woman from Laurens were issued summons to appear in court for charges of Petit Larceny and were released, pending a trial date. Items recovered included a sewing machine, circular saw and clothing.