Alcohol Apparently Was Involved

Clinton Public Safety officer Isphording was dispatched to North Bell Street at 6 last evening on a report of a man having presented a knife. One man had reportedly gone to the incident location and approached another man who was sitting on his porch drinking an alcoholic beverage. The approaching man reportedly told the man on the porch he was going to beat his &%$@! An aunt of the man on the porch reportedly intervened between the two men at which point the visiting man allegedly pulled a knife from his pocket and Public Safety was called. The subject had reportedly walked to a house 2 houses down, where he was located, surrounded by people. He was asked to walk to Sgt. Ritter’s car. At one point he reportedly stumbled onto one officer, then apologized for it, stating he was intoxicated. An open, partially-empty bottle of Canadian Superior Whiskey from the subject’s pocket was placed in police custody. 57-year-old Formango Korens of 1229 South Bell Street, Clinton was booked in City Jail on charges of 3rd Degree Assault and Disorderly Conduct.