“Too Drunk to Know How Much Money He Has”

Laurens Police were dispatched to a Cedar Street house at 9:51 last night with lights and siren on a report of a fight in progress. Sgt. Michael Gainey arrived and met a very intoxicated man who said his mother had stolen $20 from him and purchased crack with it. He said he approached her about that and there was a physical confrontation. He said he didn’t want charges on his Mom for the assault but did for the theft of his money. The mother reportedly told the officer she bought the crack with her own money. She was also reportedly rather high. She also did not want to press charges. Investigation of the fight was terminated due to lack of cooperation from the man and his mother. No one in the house reported witnessing the Mom taking the son’s money. One family member reportedly said the son was so intoxicated he didn’t know how much money he had. The Mom was given a ride to another location, while the son said he was going to a friend’s house.