Customized Sample Ballots Available

North Carolina is conducting its 2014 Primary elections today. We have just over a month to wait for Primary voting here in South Carolina; but sample ballots are now available. Laurens County Elections Director Lynne West said that for the first time, we can see a sample ballot that is customized to show only the candidates each voter will see on their ballot June 10th.  The sample ballots are on-line at

Mrs. West said local voters can visit and click on “Get My Sample Ballot” in the MyscVOTES Section on the right side of the page. Mrs. West said you enter your county, name, and date of birth to access your voter registration record. Then click “View Sample Ballot.” You then select a party – for viewing ballots for the upcoming primaries – and click the button to download your ballot. You then click “OK” to view a pdf file of your ballot.