Got to Pick Up My Twins!

Laurens City Police were dispatched to Wal-Mart on a Shoplifting report at 3:10 Monday afternoon. Officer Heidi Blackstock arrived and was met in the parking lot and advised the subject was leaving the store. They took the female suspect into the Loss Prevention office and questioned her. Officers later determined that the woman had given a false name. Officer Michael Polson investigated the vehicle the suspect indicated she had driven to Wal-Mart. The Nissan car reportedly had a tag registered to a pickup owned by a man. The tag was removed and the car was towed from the scene. The tag owner reportedly declined to press charges for the woman allegedly taking his tag. Meanwhile, she had reportedly been saying she needed to get to Clinton to pick up her 4-year-old twins. After being transported to Laurens Police, she reportedly gave her real name and a different number for the paternal grandparents of the twins. This person was contacted about picking up the children. Meanwhile, in the case of allegedly shoplifting 2 girls tank tops and 3 girls shorts, the suspect was charged with Shoplifting. Another ticket was issued by Officer Hailstock on a charge of Giving False Information to Police. 27-year-old Sade La Trise Woodruff of 4698 Torrington Road, Laurens was booked on both charges in the Johnson Detention Center. She remained in custody overnight, pending a bond hearing today.