She Wants Baby Daddy to Return Liquor

Laurens Police were dispatched at 12:30 this morning on a report of items stolen from a home. A woman said her child’s father had been at her home earlier, visiting his child, and that he took a bottle of liquor that belonged to her when he left. She said she was tired of the baby’s daddy taking things from her home. She indicated she would not charge him if he paid her for the liquor or bought her a new bottle. Then she talked about putting him on trespass notice. Officer Kanipe noted that if on trespass notice the man could not visit his children at her home. She reportedly replied he had no legal visitation or custodial rights. She was also advised that he could not return to her home with her liquor if he was on trespass notice, and she reportedly indicated she would wait until she got off work the next morning to sign a trespass notice.