Marijuana Seized at Robbery Site

The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a report of a robbery at a residence on Lakeview Road outside Laurens and 3:01 yesterday morning. One woman said her roommate, another woman, had been robbed at gunpoint. When Deputy Timothy Byrd arrived he noted neither resident was at home. He checked the area but did not locate an intruder. Both woman then arrived in the same vehicle. One of the women said she was in the residence with a male friend and she went to bed around 10 pm, while the friend was in the living room and later fell asleep there. She continued to say that a man with a gun woke her, asking where the money was. She said he made her open her night stand where she kept a purple Crown Royal bag that contained coins. She said he then had her walk to the living room while he pointed the gun at her and the friend was lying on the floor. She said that as the robber was occupied with the friend she ran from the trailer. At that time her roommate pulled into the yard, having returned home from work. The intruder then reportedly fled on foot. In talking with the roommate, she reportedly indicated she drove up and observed the male subject running toward Lakeview while holding a gun. She said she had seen a Chrysler 300 parked on Lakeview. Meanwhile, investigators on the scene reported observing the strong smell of marijuana in the residence, and located marijuana, which was seized. A report notes 5.8 grams of marijuana was located in the residence. A mobile phone, $33.68 in coins and other items including an x-box and a Dell laptop were taken; with total value of $1,493. The phone and coins, valued at $333, were recovered. The alleged intruder was described as a black male wearing a dark-colored hoodie.