Fast Acting Pain Medicine?

  Laurens Police were dispatched to a Sunset Park residence at 8:38 last night on a report of a man acting erratically. On arrival Officer Kanipe observed the 34-year-old man lying on a couch of his mother’s home yelling loudly and pointing to something. The officer advised the man he needed to control himself because he was being difficult to understand. The man continued yelling frantically and sticking his tongue out at Officer Kanipe. The man appeared to be sweating profusely and in pain. A cousin arrived and said the man had been released from the hospital the day before, after being hospitalized for a stabbing the previous week. The subject’s mother said the man needed his pain medicine but she would not get it for him because he could get it for himself. The cousin then gave the man his medicine and he was instantly “OK.” Officer Kanipe instructed the man that the medicine would not work instantaneously and that if he acted out in that manner again he would be charged with Breach of Peace. EMS checked the man and found his vitals were OK.