That Wasn’t Otis Campbell, Was It?

Laurens Police responded to a near Southside residence at 8:02 last evening after a man called 911 saying he was drunk and needed to go to jail. St. Michael Gainey met with the 21-year-old who was standing in front of the residence. The young man advised the officer that he had consumed too much alcohol and that he had caused a disturbance inside his home. He said that his mother does not deserve to be treated the way he treats her. Sgt. Gainey noted the man’s right hand was swollen and asked him about it. The man reportedly replied “being drunk and stupid.” In checking with the mother and the young man’s girlfriend inside, police were told the subject had seen something on the girlfriend’s phone and due to his consumption of alcohol he had become irate and thrown the phone, hitting her in the neck. She did not want to press charges. The mother indicated the man had punched a 4 x 4 post on the back patio, causing the injuries to his hand. Due to those injuries, he was handcuffed with hands in front. After a visit to the ER, the 21-year-old man was delivered to the Johnson Detention Center on a Breach of Peace charge.