Whitmire Woman Held for Charges

A Whitmire woman was placed in the Laurens County Detention Center last night after deputies discovered pills, apparently stolen food and drinks and suspicious credit cards materials during a welfare check on a Joanna man. Lt. Marlon Higgenbotham and others went to Morehead Street at 7:11 last evening to check on a man whose daughter indicated concern for his well- being. Illegal drug activity had been suspected. The man being checked on met officers at the door, accompanied by one younger woman known to offers from past arrest. Sgt. Moye asked if there was anyone else in the home, the younger woman noted another woman and a man were present. They were reportedly located in the bedroom where the first woman sleeps. Both women and the younger man were given their Miranda warnings and questioned. A search of the bedroom reportedly located a water bong, glass pipes, lithium batteries and an unlabeled pill bottle containing several tablets identified as Alprozolam were discovered. The 34-year-old Whitmire women reportedly indicated the pills were hers. Officers then received permission to search a truck owned by the younger man in the house, where deputies reported finding two garbage bags containing various foods and drinks. Meat was still partially frozen as if it had come out of a freezer. Credit cards were also in the vehicle in the homeowner’s name. The homeowner has reportedly been contacted about credit cards he said he does not obtain. The Whitmire woman was then arrested and placed in the Johnson Detention Center, with warrants to be obtained today.