Tribble Wins Republican Bid for House Seat 42

David Tribble is the apparent winner of the Republican nomination for South Carolina House Seat 42, as a result of the unofficial vote count from yesterday’s voting in Laurens and Union Counties.

Mark Cathcart of Union County had the advantage of his entire county being in house seat 42, while only 6 of Laurens County’s precincts had voters in the district, and some of those had only a few voters.

The unofficial totals last night had David Tribble winning Laurens County’s share of the votes 557 to 148 votes for Mark Cathcart. In Union

County, Cathcart had a 2-to-1 win, with 636 votes to 318 for Tribble.

Here in Laurens County, David Tribble took all precinct totals. The vote was 162 to 52 in Joanna, 162 to 31 in Clinton 3, 121 to 21 in Clinton 2, 65 to 38 in Clinton 1, 10 to 1 in Long Branch and 2 to 0 in Clinton Mill. Tribble claimed a 35 to 5 spread in the Absentee vote.

Our unofficial total for all of House Seat 42 has David Tribble with 870 total votes and Mark Cathcart polling 784 votes, a two-county spread of 91 votes for David Tribble.

Meanwhile, is reporting a two-county total of 881 for Tribble and 779 for Cathcart, with David Tribble winning with 53.07% of the 1,660 votes cast. All vote totals remain unofficial until the official canvas of the votes Thursday.