Baggies of Ganja

On Saturday, the Clinton Department of Public Safety was conducting a safety check point at Jefferson and North Bell Streets when they approached a car and asked to see the driver’s license. Officer Byars smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Officer Byars told the driver to pull over to the side of the road. The officers asked each of the subjects in the car to exit for search. As a rear passenger was stepping out of the car he reached down toward his waist band. In an attempt to pat down the subject he again reached for his waist band. At this time he was placed in investigative detention. The officer felt a large bulge in the subjects left front pocket . Officer Byars found five pre-wrapped baggies of marijuana and one clear plastic baggie of a white powder substance. The subject was advised he was under arrest. When asked, the subject stated the white powder was cocaine. The car was searched with nothing else found.

The Clinton Department of Public Safety booked 20 year old Allahjewan Cunningham of 128 Tandy Way, Clinton into the JohnsonDetentionCenter Saturday, charged with 2 counts of possession with intent to distribute. Warrants state the he did posses a clear plastic baggie filled with 2.08 grams of cocaine with intent to distribute and 5 clear plastic baggies filled with 9.41 grams of marijuana wit intent to distribute. Cunningham is being held on $20 thousand dollars bond.