Pointing and Presenting

Sunday Laurens Police Department officers were dispatched to Hilldale Ave. and advised that a subject had discharged a firearm at a juvenile victim. Upon making contact with the subject, a Mossberg rifle was observed in a box and the subject was drinking beer. The rifle was inspected and found that it had not been fired. The victim was questioned and stated he thought he had been shot at with a small caliber pistol. Officers asked the subject if he owned any pistols and he said he might have one in the dash of one of the three vehicles on his property. A .22 caliber pistol was found in one of the vehicles.  The subject admitted to discharging the pistol into the air. 73 year old William Cogsdill of 402 Hilldale Ave.  was charged with pointing and presenting and discharging a firearm within city limits, booked into the LPD and transported to the JohnsonDetentionCenter. He has since been released on bond. The incident appeared to stem from a juvenile finding an adult sex toy and presenting it to a third party who then presented it to the subject. The subject then became angry and pointed and presented the gun according to reports.